5 Ways I Prep for Valentine’s Day

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Some say Valentine’s day is just a Hallmark Holiday, however, I choose to look at it as a day to take time to celebrate the people you love. It doesn’t have to only be about relationships, but friendship and family too. Whatever you do and however you choose to spend the day, I say keep in mind it’s simply about loving and being loved in every form. No need to put pressure on it or make yourself feel bad if you are single!

For me, when I am dating someone, I typically have 5 things I do when prepping for Valentine’s Day date night, whether it’s going out or staying in.


It all starts in the shower with the obvious – shaving. I also like to exfoliate and self tan the day before. The day of, I use soaps and scents that are particularly nice. I actually really like the Simply Summer’s Eve® Coconut Water Gentle Foaming wash. It smells really nice (my bf loves coconut) it’s also free of harsh chemicals and helps maintain a healthy pH. In fact, all of their products are also free of alcohol and parabens.

Post shower, I make sure to hydrate my skin post shower with a body oil or super hydrating lotion.


I think makeup that enhances a natural prettiness is best for an occasion like this, however, if that’s not you, it’s all about making sure you feel pretty. When you are feeling your best, that confidence is exuding from your pores and that in and of itself is sexy. Personally, I like to play with soft mauve tones for my eyes and lips and keep the cake to a minimum.


Again, like the makeup, I think something that enhances your natural strengths is key. If you have amazing legs, wear a dress. if your butt is your asset, some tight jeans. If you have a great chest, maybe something a little lower cut. But whatever you choose, keep it simple and make sure you feel good in it. For me, I love a great pair of jeans with a sexy top. Blending comfort with a little sex appeal is my perfect formula.


As I mentioned, my boyfriend loves coconut so I like starting with that. They also have Simply Summer’s Eve® Coconut Water Cleansing Clothes  that are great for throwing in your bag for on the go, so you can stay fresh all night.

I choose a lotion that has a nice sent, followed with a body spray. I usually go with a softer more romantic perfume but really, that’s all about personal choice. I also like using a bit of highlighter on the shoulders and collar bone. It’s just a nice tough that looks really pretty.


To be honest, I’d much rather stay in (So would 58% of women!) To create a relaxed setting, candles are a must. We also love wine, so it goes without saying that a nice bottle is important.  As far as movie choice, I try to choose something we’ll both enjoy. While The Notebook is a popular choice for 27% of women, you’re not doing yourself any favors if he is feeling tortured the entire night!!

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I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day wherever you are and whatever you do. Love you all!




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