Girls Getaway Travel Prep: Part 2


So I’m getting ready for my girls getaway to Vegas. I showed you my wardrobe preparation here. Now that my wardrobe is all figured out I need to get my beauty preparation taken care of. I will be in the sun and also in a bikini so the two obvious beauty musts are to be tan and waxed.


None of you need a lesson on bikini waxing I’m sure (and if you do go to an esthetician and you’ll learn real quick!)

But I do want to talk about tanning prep. I used to be the girl who before a sunny vacation would go to the tanning bed and get “a base.” Now years later not only is skin cancer a concern but so is staying young! I use sunscreen by the pool so a “base” is not at all necessary. The tanning beds are the worst!! In order to not blind everyone with my ghostly self  I use self tanner. The problem I had for a long time was finding a one that didn’t streak, didn’t smell and was the right color….it seemed like the impossible mission!! But then I discovered Beautisol which I told you about here.

I have since turned several of my friends on to this seriously amazing stuff. The wonderful ladies at Beautisol were also kind enough to send me their latest facial tanner to try. ‘Need I Glow More?’ is specifically for the face and formulated for your skin type. Since I tend to get shiny I opted for the Normal to Oily Skin formula. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. RUN don’t walk to get this stuff!! It’s so good you can even skip foundation in the warmer months if you wanted to!! You can get it on their website and they also air on HSN today at 3pm and 8pm so be sure to check them out and stock up (I just ordered 3 bottles!…obsessed much?)

The next beauty must is a mani/pedi. I used to be someone who always did it myself but after being spoiled by my bf treating me to getting my nails done all the time I am sort of hooked. (And yes, even from Iraq he does this. I know, I’m a lucky girl :))

It’s Vegas so I decided to play with my normal French Mani and do something different. I decided I needed a little glitter in my life!

While a mani isn’t a necessity if you are spending most of the time by the pool, a pedi definitely is! My toes are a bright matte pink ‘You’re a Pisa Work’ by OPI. Do not go with sloppy toes ladies! It’s a crime! 😉

Another thing I usually do myself is once a week facials. I have bottle upon bottle of masks, exfoliants and toners. Since going to that Ifabbo event I told you about here the Dermalogica facial gift certificate I got in the goody bag has been burning a hole in my pocket. This seemed like the perfect time to put it to use so who better to go with than my partner in crime Mel. We got the Microzone Treatments which are a 20 minute facial service (only $30!) designed to give you whatever you are needing in that moment. Mel got extraction while I opted for a deep exfoliation. I went home with samples of everything they used and made my next appointment!

Now I have never done this before but inspired by the magazine spreads with celebs baring it all, I figured I would show you my post facial skin sans makeup. Yes this is me, no makeup (except a little left over eyeliner). I feel naked. LOL

Now I’m waxed, tan, nails are done, skin is glowing, I am ready for a few days by the pool  Mohito’s in hand!


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