Greece Video Diary and Vlog

Yesterday I brought you my massive photo diary from my trip to Greece, today I am bringing you a little video diary/vlog of my time there. Some of the footage is a bit shakey, I apologize for that, but despite I hope you enjoy it and really get a feel for how amazing it was. I’ve… Read More


Greece Photo Diary // 41 Photos of Pure Beauty

When I was a teenager, I came across a photo of a blue domed building on the edge of the sea. I later found out it was an island called Santorini. I decided in that moment I needed to go to this place and vowed some day I would. That hasn’t happened quite yet because… Read More

Trench Coat

A Light Trench Coat and My favorite Booties

I feel like a broken record. Fall isn’t hear yet in LA. Nope…still not hear….(cue jeopardy music) a little cooler, but still could wear summer clothing…people, the struggle is real! I kid, I know, I know, those of you in colder climates are cursing me. The truth is, we always want what we can’t have.… Read More


4 Favorite Mascara Picks

  I have said it many times, my absolute must have beauty product, as in if I were on a desert island and could only have one, would be mascara. I am obsessed. The right formula can really open up your eyes and make you look fresh faced and more awake. I am often asked… Read More


Kaleidoscope Print Pants

Is it me, or did the weekend go by WAY to quick?! I tried to take some me time, but I ended up doing a lot more work than play. Last week was busy and this coming week is no different, so trying to get ahead of things on the weekend sometimes can alleviate the… Read More


Bronze Smokey Eye Tutorial with AOL

Awhile back I shared that I had teamed up with AOL to create some video content and I finally have the first of it to share. I previously posted some of the products I got to play with and though these videos were condensed to be much shorter than initially expected, they still show how to use… Read More


Untucked with Uniqlo

Can you believe October is already halfway over?! I love the fall months and it’s slowly starting to cool off a tiny bit so we can enjoy it. It’s hard to wrap ones head around fall when it’s still beach weather and I am aware that I am a bit spoiled in that department so… Read More

Shopbop coats 1c

Shopbop Sale and 20 Perfect Fall to Winter Coats

1: Acne Studios/ 2: Iro/ 3: A.L.C./ 4: Rebecca Taylor/ 5: Marc by Marc Jacobs Shopbop is having a MAJOR sale and if you’ve been holding out for the perfect fall to winter coat, or if you are just ready for something new, now is the time to grab one! I curated a list of 20… Read More


Fall Functional and Casual Chic

We are well into fall and I am so ready to embrace crisp mornings, slip into a cozy knit with a warm cup of pumpkin spice coffee. Unfortunately, Los Angeles isn’t quite ready for that yet. Instead, we’ve been having a bit of an Indian summer and so cozy knits aren’t really possible yet. Currently… Read More


London Fashion Week Runway Recap

For the last post on my time in London I am bringing you a recap of the fashion shows I attended. This was my first exposure to the London fashion scene and I was really impressed with what it had to offer! My conclusion: London is a chic city with fashion options for everyone. Here is… Read More