Off Duty Slides

This post is sponsored by DSW. One of the biggest shoe trends this coming season is slides and believe it or not, I am 100% onboard. Last year, I was obsessed with my leopard birks even after announcing on Twitter months prior that I flat out refused to revert to a trend that gave me… Read More


4 Tips on How to Have a No Cost Stay-cation

This post is sponsored by Jergens®. It’s not always practical to plan a vacation, but sometimes life gets hectic and a break is necessary. That’s when planning a stay-cation can come in handy. There are many different ways to have a stay-cation and there are certainly no rules, but I have my own way of… Read More

White Denim

Another Transitional Look with White Denim

I spoke the other day about white denim as a great transitional piece so today I am bringing you another way to style them. Of course black and white is one of my favorite color palettes, but for this I was more focused on mixing the wintery pieces with the lightness white denim brings. As I… Read More

Lip gloss

My favorite Pinky Nude Lip Gloss

Last week I was driving to an appointment and rummaging through my bag for a specific lip gloss I had applied that morning and took with me. Every time I went into my bag I pulled out a lip gloss but not the one I was looking for. This happened 5 times and I thought it… Read More

white jeans

Tips for Transitional Dressing with White Jeans

I’m so sorry for my sparse posting lately. I’ve had quite the hectic few days.  Over the weekend I had a yard sale after successfully participating in a friend’s last year. I decided since I had just moved into a new place it was the perfect opportunity to get rid of some stuff to make… Read More

Office Decor

Sneak Peak: New Office Decor

If you’ve been following along, then you know I recently moved which was unexpected and a bit stressful (#GLProjectMove!) The silver lining, however, was that I found a place big enough to allow me to have a home office. The idea of being able to have a dressing room/ beauty room/ closet/office, meant that I… Read More


On My Makeup Radar: Japonesque

One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to try new brands, particularly beauty brands. I have heard the buzz about the Japonesque makeup line but I haven’t had the chance to try it until now. You guys…this brand is amazing! Ok, let me preface it by saying I tried 4 products out of the many… Read More


The Inspo Board: Gold

I used to be obsessed with all things silver, but over the last few years that has changed and I’m all about gold. I do mix metals from time to time, but if I had to choose, well you can probably see what that would be! There is something about gold that just oozes luxe,… Read More


Everyday Makeup Tutorial

A few weeks ago I reviewed Bare Minerals new Complexion Rescue BB Cream makeup and some of you had said you would like to see a tutorial using it, so you could see how the product applies. I’ve been using it a lot in my everyday makeup routine and I am happy to report I really… Read More


Hair Maintenance with Spoke + Weal

Since I had my major hair change last summer, I have been adjusting to the fact that it needs so much maintenance. The color needs to be glossed and toned and the bangs have to constantly get trimmed almost every two weeks. I’m still having fun with it though, and I’ve started to get used… Read More