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There is little I love more than swag, especially when it’s fashion or beauty related. Part of the perks of doing what I do is getting some pretty cool stuff. There are two things I received lately that have changed the world as I know it…so naturally I need to share!


For years I tried to find the flat iron that could take on my long, thick mane and always ended up disappointed. I finally gave up this quest and left it up to the professionals, getting a blow out only on special occasions.

But then wonderful Shae at Bollare gave me this AH-MAZING GHD flat iron…translation? Bring on the sleek straight hair!!

These pics are not very good since I took them myself and my arm clearly does not extend long enough to get my whole head in the pic, but hopefully you get the point…pic 1 = Frizz, pic 2 = sleek!


Ladies…RUN don’t walk to get this stuff! (ok I am being dramatic, all you have to do is click !)

I am ashamed to admit I have been in and out of tanning beds over the years. Being a model, I am often in swimsuits, and being tan is a job requirement. Since quitting that very terrible habit, I went on the search to find the perfect self tanning option. Constantly disappointed by the smell, streaking or not so natural looking color I had settled on a spray by banana boat for the last few years. It was definitely settling, but it seemed like the lesser evil….until along came Beautisol!!

Not only does this stuff not smell (no really, it DOES. NOT. SMELL!!) But it gives you the perfect tan color and has a fool proof bronzing shade which allows you to see where you’re putting it so don’t streak. Check out the website and be pale no more!

(I apologize that I don’t have pics but pretty much from now on when you see pics of me, I will have this stuff on!!)

Ok so a few other things I wanted to mention…

1.) You may have noticed the early stages of Mel and my lovechild : The Wear to go Girls! We are launching the site soon, but for now, we have Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to keep you updated. Follow us, like us, (even feel free to love us!)

2.) Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for this Liquid Metal Bracelet! Deadline is Friday!

Click the pic!


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