How to Become Positive in 21 Days with Pamprin

This post is in partnership with Pamprin, however all opinions are ALWAYS my own. Thank you for supporting brands that make Glam Latte possible!Gray Dress-c-9

Last month I gave my tips to staying positive when life gets hard. In that post, I mentioned that it really is easier said than done. Recently, I partnered with Pamprin to take a 21 day positivity challenge. I thought their tips were on par with what I was talking about but a little more in depth so I thought it would be great to share.

So you’ve heard the phrase ‘It takes 21 days to form a habit’ right? Well the 21 day challenge is all about using that time to make positivity a habit. So it goes like this:

Day 1 – Start with 3 positive affirmations, attach them to your mirror and read them allowed daily. Add at least one new one daily.

Day 2 -Find Positive Company in your social circle. Surround yourself with people who build you up.

Day 3 – Make a list of things for which you are grateful.(I like to do this nightly on a piece of paper and add it to my gratitude jar)

Day 4- Give yourself and others words of encouragement even if it’s an unsolicited compliment.

Day 5 – Look for the good in things and you will find them. Choose to see the positive!

Day 6 – Find things that bring you joy and call upon them daily.

Day 7 – Be present minded to see the simple things that bring happiness every day. (Stop and smell the roses!)

Repeat these steps 3 times and voila! You have formed a habit!

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Now of course as women, we have one week a month where staying positive can be a challenge, but by changing your mindset you can help combat this. When that’s not enough, that’s when I reach for Pamprin Multi-Symptom which has the same strength as Extra Strength Tylenol PLUS the added benefits of fighting against bloating and irritability. It treats all menstrual symptoms: bloating, pain and cramps, and irritability – not just pain. It does this with three active ingredients: an antihistamine to relieve irritability, a diuretic to fight against bloating and water weight gain, and a pain reliever to alleviate cramps.

So not to worry, Pamprin will help you stay on track to reach your positivity goal, create an optimistic outlook and ultimately a much happier life.

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I hope these tips help you create a more optimistic mind set. Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know if you have tips that I haven’t mentioned so I can try them out!



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