Flawless Face


I have a friend who not only has the best fashion sense but also loves to try new beauty products. The fortunate thing for me is often I get the hand me downs (Did I mention she was really generous?) One day awhile back we met for coffee and she brought me a goody bag filled with all kinds of amazing products from Nars to Laura Mercier to Tarte…literally it was a bag full of Sephora heaven! So many things I had always wondered about but were too expensive to just “try out.” I felt like it was Christmas!! Since then, my entire beauty regimen has changed b/c my world was opened up to so many new things!


The reason I am telling you all of this is b/c a few weeks ago when I was getting ready for my funnyordie shoot I had to get myself “camera ready.” Over the years of modeling and acting while watching countless make up artists do my make up asked questions (probably to the point of annoyance) and made a mental note application techniques. Now I can do my own camera make up. 

So there I was opening up my make up drawer and I stumbled upon a tub of Laura Mercier mineral powder. I have heard so much about mineral make up but I’ve never tried it (even though it’s been sitting in my drawer all this time!) I always wondered what all the buzz was about so I decided to give it a go. 


I am now a believer! This stuff is AH-MAZING!! How could I have not known? My skin looked like it should be in a Noxema commercial-flawless! The best part is I didn’t LOOK made up. I have no idea about other brands but the L.M. is pretty great! 

Thanks again to my wonderful friend J.D.H. for corrupting me and making my beauty budget go through the roof! 

Anybody else use this stuff? What are your thoughts?


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