My Glasses Help Me See the World


I’ll let you in on a little secret about me – I wear glasses. For those of you who didn’t know, I wear contacts most days, but I’ve had prescription glasses for years. When I first got them I hated them. I feared being called a dork, a geek, a nerd, four eyes, or any other nicknames designated to people who wear glasses. It felt like I would get lumped in a category that made me less than what I was.

Now that I’m older that couldn’t be further from how I feel. I have learned to embrace wearing glasses. When you find the right pair they can be a really great outfit accessory. I’ve noticed people tend to take me a little more serious when I’m wearing them, but the most important thing about them is they help me see the world. I keep them by my bedside so they are on hand whenever I need them.

I watched this little video and it got me thinking about my past and upcoming travels. Though my prescription is fairly mild (I’m near sighted) without glasses or contacts, things look a little blurry. Having seen some beautiful sights, (Bonjour le tour Eiffel!) I appreciate my glasses even more because had I not had them, I wouldn’t get the detail of such beauty. I will be heading back to Europe in September and you can be sure I will be bringing them along!

When wearing glasses, confidence is key. Getting the right pair for your face, that look great on you, will help. If you are looking for some quality pairs head over to, they carry everything from Ray Ban, to Burberry to Kate Spade and more. Once you find the perfect pair, you can rock them with pride!




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