United and it feels so good

Inevitably in the midst of chaos, things come up that make you stop what you’re doing and give them your full attention. Last weekend’s trip to Orlando (although to be fair, I knew about it for months) was one of those things. But put everything down I did and off to Orlando I went. (Insert here grumbling and bitching about how Orlando is the last place I really want to go if I absolutely HAVE to go somewhere)

It’s funny how things can pile up (even more) when you leave town for only a few days. So do I have time to be writing this post you ask? The answer is no, but I can’t help but share with you something that happened on my trip.

First let me give you some back story…

When you begin blogging there is that exciting time when people start catching wind of your blog and begin commenting on your posts. You take it personal and are so humbled by their comments. One of the first people to comment on mine was Amanda from ACoest1984. Naturally I went to her blog to learn about her and return the comments. It became a thing where we were visiting each other’s blogs daily, commenting on each others lives and eventually began to joke that we were blogger besties (bbff) even though we had never met. Major life changes occurred and our commenting turned into emailing and skyping and we talked each other through a lot of things over the years. We vowed we would one day meet but really not knowing if it where possible given that we lived so far in different countries. (Amanda is from Canada)

Fast forward to last weekend in Orlando…I posted a picture on instagram of the pool at the hotel I was staying and used hashtag #Orlando. I got a comment from Amanda that she was going to be flying in there to meet her family for vacation. I was somewhat deflated to learned I was leaving the same day she arrived but then she said she was actually flying in when I would be at the airport! We made arrangements to meet for lunch and finally had the unlikely meeting we had both hoped we would. Although we were exhausted (me from the trip and her from her flight) we chatted for hours and were both pretty happy it worked out.


Some people see blogging as a silly hobby or a self indulgent waste of time, but the truth is it is a tool with the power to connect you to people you wouldn’t otherwise, whether it be in another country, or a few towns away. And if you’re lucky, those connections can have some serious impact on your life….just look at US 😉

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